Check Out the Latest in Social Media


In the last several months, there have been many significant changes in Social Media. Shown below is a summary of these changes and the impact they are having on the whole Internet and all of our lives.

The onset of Social Media has altered the whole communications pattern. Used to be the company was in control of communications. Yes, an unhappy customer could write a letter or call an 800 number. But the manufacturer could keep a problem bottled up and fix it their own way. Now, a problem can come out of the closet in minutes and spread all over the Internet.

But crisis management is only part of the story. Add in customer service, marketing and market analysis. There is a definite ROI for businesses. We can point to specific campaigns run on social platforms such as the Orbitz Travel Ticket Giveaway. It used to be all about “engagement” with customers, now ROI is visible. You get as many page clicks on Social Media as you get from a Google ad …..and at no cost!

Social media is no longer just a platform for communication. It can be used very effectively in combination with sales channels, digital or physical, and be directly linked to revenues. An example is how Coca-Cola used Facebook to create flavors of their Vitamin Water.

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