Historic Electric Locomotives in Glenmont, NY


S Motor and T Motor at Glenmont, near Albany NY
These historic electric locomotives are stored at an electrical plant in Glenmont near Albany. They belong to the Mohawk & Hudson Chapter of the NRHS.


The original S-1 of 1904. It started off as #6000 and went through several renumberings, the last of which was 100.

This picture was taken in Colonie, New York while the Motor was headed for the American Museum of Electricity

This locomotive was displayed for several years by the M&H Chapter NRHS at the Altamont Fair. It looked the same then.


#278, a T3a built by GE at Erie in 1926 and was the last T-motor to operate. It is the only one left in existence. It was acquired by the Mohawk & Hudson Chapter NRHS in 1980 and restored by members.

It was a star in a movie made in Grand Central in the mid to late 80’s. The movie was called “The House on Sullivan Street”. (Later renamed “The House on Carroll Street”) The House on Carroll Street“) It has a Hitchcock like finale in the movie The House on Carrol Street (1985), director Peter Yates. The action is supposed to take place in the mid 1950s. Kelly Mc Gillis and Jeff Daniels star.

T-3a #278 was last used in PC service in Sunnyside Yard, Long Island, NY for service in the wire train on the ex PRR east river & Hudson river tunnels,as they could operate on the 650 volt third rail while the 11,000 overhead AC catenary was turned off,as diesels were not allowed at this time.

There is a great story about the current state of these locomotives



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