Circus Trains: The Second Greatest Show on Earth


The Circus Comes to Town! This early 1950’s photo came through the courtesy of The Cabell Record in Huntington, WV
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Our feature article is on the history of circus trains .

We have great sections on circus trains today , trains run by the Strates Carnival: In 2008 approximately 4,900 feet, and the train had 9 coaches (1 being a generator/shop) and 44 TTX-style 89-foot flatcars, + 1 70-foot Warren flatcar bringing up the rear. , and on circus train accidents .

Ringling Brothers Circus has been two shows that cross the country in an alternating fashion. Now, in 2006, we see that there is a third show .

Don’t miss our sections on circus museums , and circus trains reference page .


Ringling Brothers Advertising Car from an old postcard.
The advertising car went a couple of weeks ahead of the circus. It carried at least a dozen men and hung posters all over.


See some great old-time circus train pictures at Buckles Web Log
Including some 1949 pictures of Clyde Beatty circus train.