Grand Central Terminal is 100 Years Old


The centennial celebration of New York City’s Grand Central Terminal will kick off Feb. 1.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and MTA Metro-North Railroad will open the terminal to the public for a full day of celebration activities, including a morning rededication ceremony and musical performances “that will keep visitors entertained into the evening,” said Metro-North officials said in a prepared statement.

The day’s events will include the opening of “Grand by Design,” a six-week exhibit that will chronicle the train terminal’s history.

To commemorate the terminal’s past, present and future, the Feb. 1 events and others planned for the next year will be guided by four themes: “Happy Birthday to Grand Central,” marking its historic debut; “Preserving a Landmark; Creating a Legacy,” which focuses on renovation of the terminal’s 42nd Street entrance and other improvements; “Grand Centennial Parade of Trains,” anchored by a rare public display of historic train cars; and “Grand Central: The Next 100 Years.”

The celebration’s opening ceremony will include many public officials and celebrities, including Caroline Kennedy, the centennial committee’s honorary co-chairwoman. Kennedy’s mother, the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, is widely credited with saving Grand Central Terminal from destruction in the 1970s, MTA and Metro-North officials said.

See what else is in Grand Central
The photo was posted on the NYC Transit Museum’s Facebook page. It has alot of other cool historical photos from all the other agencies too.A description of the above photo from the Facebook page:

New York Transit Museum Facebook page wrote:Although February 2nd, 2013 marks the centennial of the opening of the main concourse of Grand Central Terminal, the lower level, which was dedicated to suburban lines, opened a couple of months earlier. Both the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad and the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad each had 10 ticket offices on the suburban level. There was also a baggage room, telegraph office, parcel room, newsstand, and information booth.

Yes! Grand Central Terminal will be 100 years old!




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