Ferry between Nice and Corsica


Ferry Between Nice and Corsica

You will love Corsica! Here’s some of what you will see:

Ajaccio is the most important ferry port on Corsica Island. The white city of Ajaccio lies in a semicircle on the bay, and is set against the backdrop of wooded hills. The ferry port area, fringed by palm trees, is filled with yachts and lined with colourful houses.
As the Ajaccio ferry port terminal is located near the centre of Ajaccio, there are many shops and restaurants within walking distance.

Patrimonio wine region: the first and foremost area of wine production in Corsica.

St Florent: picturesque and popular yacht marina, with its Pisan-Romanesque cathedral.

Bavella: Through typical Corsican villages of the interior to the 1200 metre high Bavella Pass, with views towards the striking Bavella “needles” of red rock.

Prunelli: scenic mountainous interior, showing the typical maquis vegetation of Corsica and passing through picturesque villages.

Calanche of Piana: rare red rock formations with the sea as a backdrop.

Vizzavona: a mountain pass at 1100 metres with a dense forest of Corsican pines and beech trees.

A Cupulatta: a tortoise protection centre housing 170 species many of which are visible, including giant tortoises of Galapagos and the Seychelles.

Calvi: citadel or upper town with its massive fortifications and the imposing Caserne Sampiero.

Balagne: a circuit taking in a number of the fascinating hill villages inland from Calvi, returning via Ile Rousse.

St Florent: along the coast road and then through the arid landscape of the so-called Desert of the Agriates to the beautiful yacht marina of St Florent.

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