Latest Social Media Aps / Sites for Businesses

HerbieTheLoveBugWorking with Amy Harren from SPS Commerce, we have put together several applications and WebSites that can help you more easily get through the business day. We’ll start out with Bizzabo, a social conference directory.

Bizzabo helps professionals discover new business opportunities at conferences and events, while enabling event organizers to promote their event and engage directly with their attendees. By delivering up-to-date event info and networking opportunities, Bizzabo helps making the most out of every event. Gone are the days of staring at name tags and searching for a potential business opportunity, all while wasting valuable time and money.

Bizzabo is the ultimate mobile networking application – one that facilitates the creation of meaningful business opportunities for event attendees, and enables event organizers to boost their social interaction before, during, and after the event.

Bizzabo helps event attendees generate handshakes and create face-to-face meetings. You can find out who else is at the event; interact with other attendees, and set-up face to face meetings on the spot. Get suggestions for interesting people, custom-tailored to you by your personal business profile. Use Twitter to be a part of the buzz, and leverage LinkedIn to keep in touch with new connections. Discover relevant future events, and find out who else will be attending them. NO COST.


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