GM Plant in Massena, NY

General Motors (Central Foundry Division / Power Train Group) site in Massena, NY. The facility operated as an aluminum diecasting plant from 1959 to May 2009. The plant made aluminum casings for various under-the-hood car parts (engines, transmissions and cylinder heads). It was located on Chevrolet Road aka Chevrolet Drive (not adjacent to either of the two ALCOA plants, one a former Reynolds plant). There were no other GM facilities in Massena. It was about the only GM facility between Tarrytown and Boisbriand/Ste-Therese (North of Montreal). The site is claimed to be a “highly-polluted” and EPA is supplying $$$ to clean it up. Little does EPA know that it is GM policy to make sure no competitor ever gets to use it again.

The old Reynolds plant only existed to service the GM plant, and that’s never coming back. Actually, it’s a miracle that GM kept the Massena facility through five decades of failed products. After all, Massena built engine components for the Corvair, then the disastrous Vega and finally the Saturn and other slow selling small cars.

MASSENA TERMINAL RAILWAY (MSTR) is a terminal switching railroad that was incorporated in 1900 and located in Massena, New York. The MSTR interchanges with the CSXT at Massena, NY. Services provided to existing customers along the MSTR’s 4 miles of track line include intraplant switching, track maintenance, car weighing. NOTE: the GM plant was served directly by NY Central, PC, CONRAIL and CSX.

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GM Plant in Massena