Social Media and CRM

Social media make the customer more powerful than ever. Companies must re-learn how to listen and react. The customer is always right is one of the two ”commandments” of a super market chain in Connecticut. Their second commandment is “see rule number one”.  Anyone who does not take this seriously will not do well on social networking platforms where customers have not only a louder voice, but also can be heard around the World in minutes.

Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is real time. It is not only complaints and questions, it is compliments and sales leads too. Over the last few years, we brought conventional CRM into the world of technology: alignment of help desk, marketing, customer service and business policies. We are able to attract new customers and satisfy current customers. Social CRM is just continuing what we do now, but adding in social platforms. Social CRM just forces everything out in the open.  So all we really need to do is add social technologies to our tool bag.

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